Resort Summer Ladies Chic Fashion

Resort wear at it’s best right here at Turquoise N Tangerine . Not only can you wear this chic navy and white swimsuit coverup over your swimsuit but can be worn from the beach to the pub! Resort wear is ever popular and what’s so chic about it in our current chic fashion is that you are getting a two for one look. Turquoise & Tangerine a trendy, chic and affordable ladies boutique is located in Loveland, CO at the Outlets at Loveland. We have lots of choices for your beach resort wear so take a look and join us for unique style shopping online and at our brick and mortar.

Sun Hats:

Sun hats are an overwhelming must in todays hot sun to save our skin from wrinkles, sun spots, dryness and sunburn! This floppy sun hat is so cute with the wide brim and pom pom accents saying “Sun of a Beach”. Can you not wait for your chance for that resort sunny vacation on your horizon or just a day at your local beach or lake with family and friends? Grab your towel put on your sun hat and relax for the rest of the day.

Beach Bags:

Beach bags are the best for all of your essentials when headed out to the beach,  a fun boating day, or just a cute bag to hold your necessities when shopping brings in color, fun, sunshine to the best months of the year, summer! What do you put in your resort beach bag? Well, a few ideas of course is, suntan lotion, lip balm, sunglasses, towel, the latest fashion trend ladies style magazine, iPad to search google for this fantastic ladies boutique, Turquoise & Tangerine, your phone, water proof music speakers, snacks and a lot of water. If you are lucky enough to relaxing on a fancy little beach chair lounger where there are those helpful cocktail waiters and waitresses you are going to the top! Snap your fingers and order your best tasting cocktail to cool off in the hot temperatures of summer Cheers to you and Cheers to Beaches!

Remember that resort wear isn’t always about clothing but ladies it is what makes us have that little bounce in our step. The more chic Summer resort wear you can find you will be right at the top in fashion. Maybe it’s a coverup that slips over your suit, or that ever popular Romper we all love for the summertime. You can’t forget the flowy skirts and fancy tank tops as we love our tanks, especially those that say “Girls just wanna have Sun” which you can find in our Colorado section at Turquoise & Tangerine, Loveland, CO and online at Chic fashion is essential for the summer months so don’t forget to stock up on those summer chic and trendy styles. What else is a must is all the accessories that make us pop and want to head to the beach and lake to soak up as much sun as we can. There is nothing better than having the warm rays of sunshine flowing all over our face and body as it just makes us relax, smile and nothing else matters at this time.

So ladies, enjoy the warm, sunshine days ahead. Resort wear matters, chic and trendy fashions matter, beach bags, sunhats matter along with the perfect online ladies boutique matters. Turquoise & Tangerine is a unique ladies online boutique, unique ladies boutique in Loveland Co that has everything you need to make your summer days outside and at the beach perfect resort wear for you.

Happy Summer Ladies!