Turquoise Colorado Sunflower Trucker Hat Viral

I am so excited to show and tell you about this unique trucker hat! We all know how important it is to protect our face when it comes to the beautiful sunshine; that being sunscreen, protective makeup products, sunglasses and to top it off a great looking hat. Hats just seem to complete an outfit wouldn’t you agree? This turquoise sunflower trucker hat is not only fashionable but brings out such a cool statement, rather you live in Colorado, visit Colorado or just like the red C with the bright yellow sunflower, trust me you will like this one.

Turquoise & Tangerine ladies Boutique is located in northern Colorado (Loveland) which carries so many trendy ladies clothing, boutique lines of clothing, jewelry, and unique accessories. What we are excited about is this logo – the red C sunflower – has been designed by the owners and is now trademarked. Yes – how exciting is that? You will only be able to find this design at Turquoise & Tangerine boutique brick and mortar or on our online store. We have begun printing this not only on a variety of trucker hats but also on tees, tanks and sweatshirts. What’s even more exciting is we will have a new spring/summer line coming to you soon!

The color turquoise is one of those go to colors as it brings a special ‘pop’ to decorating a home, wearing an accessory like a scarf or jewelry to complete your outfit and now you can find it here with this turquoise sunflower trucker hat. As you know, you can never go wrong when you add turquoise to your wardrobe – it’s a color that will always be popular.

We all love the sun! It brightens any day, brings smiles to our face, by feeling  the warm rays on our face brings a sense of relaxation and confidence to keep going, not to mention the glow of the sun rays are beautifully placed perfectly on earth. With all of the fantastic sunshine we all need to be cautious of what those powerful rays can do to our pretty skin.

In Colorado hats are a necessity due to high elevation. These trucker hats are the most popular rather you are wearing it to go shopping, watching sports, hiking, boating or just don’t want to do your hair kind of day this is your answer.

Let me talk about sunflowers for a bit. Yes – the sunflower always seems to be what so many of us like. Have you ever seen a field of sunflowers? Absolutely beautiful – before the sun rises the flower is bent over- once the sunshine is out – the sunflower stands tall to get the full effect of the sun rays. I think that’s why it’s such a natural born flower- one of a kind!

Putting this all together – Turquoise trucker hat plus the red C for Colorado embedded with the golden yellow sunflower a true winner.

Remember, you don’t have to live in Colorado to wear this hat but if you do great! The turquoise trucker hat will get you every time! And to top it off the golden Sunflower is the outstanding statement!

So gals, don’t wait… spring/summer is just around the corner. Days of relaxation, playing outside and warm days – don’t forget your hat!

Turquoise Colorado Sunflower Trucker Hat is going viral – Yeah!!

Click on the link below and order yours today! Don’t forget to look at our other Sunflower items, we hope you like them.

Thank you for reading our post – looking forward to sharing the next new, trendy, fashionable, unique items from our ladies Boutique!