Your Guide to Summer Wedding Attire

Summer is arguably the best season of the year. The weather is warm and people spend most of their time enjoying the outdoors, but here at Turquoise & Tangerine, we love summer for a whole different reason — weddings! Weddings are the perfect excuse to look your best, and we can help you find the perfect outfit and trendy accessories to ensure that you will turn heads. We make it our mission to keep up-to-date with all the latest fashion trends so that you never have to settle for second best. If you’re looking for a stunning new look for an upcoming wedding, be sure to stop by Turquoise & Tangerine in Loveland or visit our store online!

Depending on the weather, the color scheme, and whether or not the wedding has a theme, it can be difficult to find the perfect outfit to wear to a wedding, but fear not! In today’s post, we will give you a guide for how to dress for a summer wedding. Once you’re finished reading, be sure to stop by Turquoise & Tangerine for all of your wedding attire.

Dressing for the Wedding

If you’re planning on attending a wedding this summer (or maybe more than one), it’s important that you have the perfect outfit. Dressing too casually for a wedding can set a bad example, whereas being overdressed may leave you feeling uncomfortable and self-conscious. You may think that dressing for a wedding is easy, and that all you have to do is put on some nice clothes, but that’s where you’re wrong. There are a variety of different types of attire for a wedding, and the fact of the matter is that usually the answer to your attire woes is written right in your invitation.

Black Tie: For weddings that are described as being “black tie,” women should wear either a trendy cocktail dress or a long evening gown. Men should wear a tuxedo complete with a black tie, cumberbund, and leather shoes.

White Tie: White tie weddings are a little more upscale than black tie weddings. For a white tie wedding, women should wear a full-length gown and pull out all the stops with their makeup and jewelry. Men, on the other hand, should wear a tuxedo with tails, a bowtie, and a white pique vest.

Formal: This type of wedding is less formal than the first two. Men can get away with a nice suit and tie, while women should wear an evening dress.

Cocktail Attire: An invite that says “cocktail attire” means that the dress code for the wedding is still slightly formal, but as the name suggests, women can wear a cocktail dress and men can enjoy themselves in a nice suit and tie.

Beach Formal: While the beach sounds pretty casual, it’s important to remember that you are still attending a wedding and should look your best. Women should wear a formal sundress and men should wear their best summer suit.

Dressy Casual: Don’t be confused by the word “casual.” For this type of wedding, you can get away with more casual attire, but that doesn’t mean you can break out the shorts and flip-flops. For this type of wedding, men should still wear a suit and tie, while women can get away with a dressy skirt and top.

Hopefully this guide gives you a better idea of what to wear to all the weddings you plan on attending this summer. If you’re in need of the perfect outfit, Turquoise & Tangerine can help. Visit us today!