What You Need For Your Spring Break Vacation

Spring is finally here, but the weather still has a slight chill in the air. To escape the winter blues, many people are jetting off to the warmer parts of the country and the world. However, you won’t be able to handle the heat in your favorite, cozy sweater, which is why in today’s post, we’ve created a guide for what you will need for your spring break vacation.

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If you’re planning on spending your spring break somewhere warm, then a swimsuit is a must! Even if you don’t plan on going swimming in the ocean, you want to be prepared for a day at the beach. While you may feel perfectly comfortable wearing shorts and a cropped shirt while you lay out in the sun, you may end up with some unwanted tan lines.

When it comes to swimsuits, you have plenty of options to fit your style. From vintage styles to one-pieces, you’re sure to find something you’ll like. Also, keep in mind that if you opt for a one-piece suit, you can easily slip on a pair of shorts to create a completely new look!

Casual Daytime Outfit

When you’re not hanging out on the beach catching some rays, you’ll most likely be checking out your vacation spot. For those who don’t feel like walking around town in their swimsuits, you will want to pack a casual outfit that you can wear while you’re out during the day. This outfit can be anything from a pair of shorts and a cute tee to a lace romper! Be sure to pack a few options just in case you do things throughout the week. You don’t want to be stuck in the same outfit over and over.

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Out On The Town Outfit

Spring break is all about letting off steam and experiencing everything your tropical vacation has to offer. As part of getting the full experience, you will probably spend a few nights checking out the nightlife. If you plan on going out on the town with your friends or family, it’s important that you pack the perfect outfit! You can never go wrong with a romper and wedges or a light-colored sundress that shows off your tan. The Tassels & Lace Romper or the Black In The Night Jumpsuit would be perfect additions to your spring break wardrobe.


The final necessities you will need for your Spring Break vacation are accessories. Aside from various pairs of sunglasses, you may want to invest in a nice sun hat or trendy baseball hats that you can wear at the beach! Don’t forget to bring some jewelry, or even wait and treat yourself to some jewelry on your trip.

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